The National Flag Day and Independence Day!

The National Flag Day and Independence Day!
Dear colleagues, dear compatriots!
Congratulations to the National Flag Day and Independence Day!
We wish peace, prosperity, creative achievements, which would add to the grandeur of Ukraine!

Анонси та оголошення

Congratulations Shatkivsky Vitaly!

In 2017, six young science students joined the Institute of Information Technologies and Learning Tools of NAES of Ukraine, among them there was teacher of the year 2017 at the nomination "Infomatika" Shatkivsky Vitaly. Vitaly Shatkivsky demonstrated the mastery of the new and traditional methods of the teaching vchalnim material. Vitaliy Shatkivsky actively uses his own software products, online platform for training, monitoring and evaluating student performance; individual and group forms of work, involves students into the project activities, research work. Postgraduate study is an important step in personal professional development and the construction of a successful professional career. We wish you big success!