Workshop "Cloud Services for Science Education in Mathematics Learning"


On May 16, 2019 in Rivne, Ukraine, the Workshop "Cloud Services for Science Education in Mathematics Learning" took place on the initiative of Rivne Regional Institute of Postgraduate Education as part of a training seminar for trainers district, city instructional design, teaching staff OTG services responsible for the state of teaching mathematics, on "Digital Open System of Information and Digital Competence of Teachers of Mathematics".



The event consisted of two parts (leading Maiia Volodymyrivna Popel, PhD, senior researcher of the Institute): theoretical and practical. The first part was a presentation of the results of the teachers' activities in the information science and education space and familiarity with the program of the European Union Erasmus +. Before CoCalc's direct use, the training participants learned about the history of cloud service development, the main principles of work and the key tools of CoCalc. In practical terms, the participants learned how to create projects, disassemble their structure. One of the key tasks of the practical part was to learn how to work for students in CoCalc. In addition, M.V. Popel showed how to use the basic functions for solving tasks and performing calculations.



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