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The Acting Head of postgraduate and doctoral studies:

Alina Bruiaka, junior researcher

Tel.+38 (044)-467-05-12.

-mail: iitzn.napn@gmail.com

Office hours: Mon. – Fri. 10.00-17.00

Admission rules

The persons are accepted to postgraduate and doctoral studies on the competitive basis, to those who have higher education and qualification of Specialist or Master (for doctorate - PhD degree).

Documents for admission to postgraduate and doctoral studies are accepted from 03/08/2020 to 20/08/2020

The entrance exams to postgraduate are from September 1, 2020.

The start of postgraduate and doctoral studies is from September 15, 2020.

Shapes of studies: 

  • distance from production (full-time) - 3 years (public order);
  • without distance from production (extramural) - 4 years (funded by businesses and individuals persons - to the contract)

Admission rules

The applicants to postgraduate study have a preliminary interview at a meeting of Institute Admission Committee and with a predictable scientific supervisor, who shall notify to the Institute Admission Committee their consent to carry out scientific supervision, and take entrance exams in the specialty, philosophy and foreign language.

The persons who were all or part candidate examinations for admission to postgraduate study by the decision of Admission Committee are exempted from the relevant entrance exams.

Documents for admission to postgraduate and doctoral studies:

The applicants to postgraduate and doctoral studies are giving the following documents named director of the Institute:

  • an application;
  • a personal data sheet from personnel department, signet certified by the of the personnel department in the workplace;
  • a copy of the diploma (s) of graduated the institute indicating obtained qualifications Specialist or Master (2 copies);
  • a copy of employment record, certified by the personnel department at the place of work;
  • a copy of the passport (1, 2, 11 pp.) (2 copies);
  • a copy of the identification code (2 copies);
  • a certificate of candidate examinations (if passed exams);
  • a list of published scientific papers and inventions (the applicants who have not a published works give one abstract amount of printed pages (20 pages);
  • a predictable scientific supervisors’ or consultants written comment of interview results;
  • a Medical health certificate form 286-U;
  • 3 photo (3x4).

The passport and diploma given by an entrant personally.

After enroll to postgraduate and doctoral studies also personally served employment history.

Applicants for doctoral studies also submit:

justification for the topic of the thesis;

a detailed plan of the doctoral thesis;

copy of diploma on awarding the scientific degree of candidate of sciences.

1. General information about postgraduate and doctoral work:

The Institute for Digitalisation of Education of the NAES of Ukraine (the Institute of Information Technologies and learning Tools of the NAES of Ukraine) from 2002 started training of scientific and pedagogical staff in specialty 13.00.02 - theory and methods of teaching (informatics) and (Physics), and continued in 2003-2008.

Since 2010 opened postgraduate specialty 13.00.10 - information and communication technologies in education.

In 2011 in this field are allowed to recruit doctorate, and in 2012 opened doctoral specialty 13.00.10 - information and communication technologies in education.

2. Normative support of postgraduate and doctoral Institute:

Regulation "On the preparation of scientific and pedagogical personnel" approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from March 1, 1999 r. 309 as amended. Regulation regulates activities in the field of scientific and pedagogical staff and is compulsory for all universities and research institutions in Ukraine regardless of their subordination and ownership.

3. Basic functions postgraduate and doctoral Institute:

  • drafting annual and long-term plans for admission to postgraduate and doctoral Institute;
  • development of conditions for admission to postgraduate and doctoral presentation announcement in the press about the term of admission to postgraduate and doctoral studies;
  • event for the selection of talented youth to study in graduate school;
  • organization of commissions on admission to postgraduate and doctoral studies, appraisal fees, commissions admission exams, specialty, foreign languages, philosophy, candidate exam in the specialty;
  • receiving documents for postgraduate and doctoral studies; drafting orders for admission to postgraduate and doctorate fixing supervisors and consultants;
  • attachment applicants for master's theses writing and drawing their candidate exam in the specialty;
  • monitoring the implementation PostGraduate individual plans work on dissertations, the annual certification and adoption of decisions on the results of further stay in postgraduate or doctoral studies;
  • organization of meetings with supervisors and consultants graduate students, doctoral candidates;
  • submission of proposals for the formation of specialized academic council, conducting partial changes in them and submitting documents for approval in Education of Ukraine;
  • the implementation of organizational and methodological work on the preliminary review of dissertations;
  • summarizing the results of the Specialized Academic Council, the conclusion of current and future plans, schedules, reports of summary information;
  • organization and consulting for applicants degrees (with scientific secretary of specialized academic council) on issues related to the preparation of the abstract theses;
  • preparation of reference materials, annual reports on the work of the specialized scientific council (for MES of Ukraine and the Scientific Council);
  • analyzing theses topics covered in the specialized academic council, compiling a list of theses, placing abstracts in scientific electronic library of the NAES Ukraine;
  • providing regular announcements and updates information on the functioning of postgraduate and doctoral and specialized academic council via the website of the Institute;
  • organizational and methodical work and consultations on the preparation for the defense of dissertations;
  • ensure record keeping requirements under the "Order awarding degrees and the academic rank of Senior Scientist" and correspondence on the protection of dissertations on Education of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Institute of Scientific, Technical and Economic Information;
  • verification of compliance with the registration of theses, abstracts of theses cases and documents certifying applicants in accordance with applicable requirements of the MES of Ukraine;
  • technical support organization meeting of the Specialized Academic Council.