Department of Technologies of Open Learning Environment was created in 2001 (department of learning environment research and design) . Yuriy Bohachkov, PhD (in Technical Sciences) was an organisor and researches coordinator of the Department till 2010. From 2010 till the present the head of the Department is Pinchuk Olga Pavlovna (PhD, senior researcher). Doctors of sciences, PhDs, professors and senior researchers are working in the team of the Department.

Innovative activity of the Department is aimed at the development and use the means of information and communication technologies in the educational process of secondary school. Great attention is paid to the researches of distance learning and distance support of full-time learning.

The specificity of the Department is carrying out the experimental studies of learning environments structure and functioning using ICT. Specialists of different disciplines: engineering, physics and mathematics, pedagogical, psychological are involved in the running of the experiments. This combination of professionals provides high and modern professional level of researches.

During the period of the department conducteda series of research worksby sectoral topics.

The dissertations, which were a part of the research plan had been defended in the Department: Petro H. Shevchuk, 2013, Scientific Adviser - Oleg M. Spirin; Olexandr M. Kryvonos, 2014, Scientific Adviser - Valeriy Yu. Bykov

Research experimental work at the nationwide level

In 2012, a new Ukrainian experiment on the basis of physical and mathematicalschool 17, Vinnytsya"Creation of information and education environment for the educational process with the use of distance learning technologies" (MES Order number 684 of 12.06.12) was started. The scientists of the Department are responsible for scientific guidance and advising of the participants of the research and experimental work.

Laboratory of information and communication technologies of physical and mathematical school 17 offers to Ukrainian teachers to use the learning materials of electronic repository that developed under the pilot study, conducted at the school.

An interactive Internet resourcehttp://disted.edu.vn.ua– distance support system of educational process, provides more than 8,000 lessons for all classes from different disciplines as well as online consultations, webinars of the authors of educational materials (teachers of Vinnitsa ). Also, you can use the base of training and control tests or to participate in their creation (on the interactive online resourcehttp://test.edu.vn.ua- distance support system of test development and testing)

Joint Research Laboratory

Joint research laboratoryon the use of information technologies in education of Vinnitsa State Pedagogical University (VSPU) and the Institute of Information Technologies and Learning Tools of National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine (IITLT) was created in 2010.

Researches performed in the laboratory are carried out by the professors of the Institute of magistracy, post-graduate and doctoral departments of the Vinnitsa State Pedagogical University, teaching and support staff of VSPU, students, undergraduates, graduate students and doctorals of VSPU according to their individual plans.

In 2012, a scientific study "Formation of educational information environment for the training of skilled workers in vocational schools" (head Gurevich R.S. - Director of the Institute of magistracy, post-graduate and doctoral of VSPU, doctor of sciences, prof., corresponding member of National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine) was launched.

The aim and purpose of the research: to justify the organizational and pedagogical conditions of training of qualified workers in vocational schools in the educational information environment and develop a model of educational information environment for the training of skilled workers in vocational schools.

The intermediate and final results of the researchare discussed at meetings of the laboratory. Supervisor‘s reports of the research’s results are discussed annually at the National Scientific Seminar "Systems of learning and education in computer-oriented environment" and presented at the meetings of scientific boards of VSPU and IITLT.

Cooperation with the charitable foundation "Wonderland"

In 2014 the Institute signed a cooperation agreement with the charitable foundation "Wonderland". The main activities of the foundation: ideological, futuristic, educative, cultural, artistic, environmental, health and sports area and an international cooperation.

Due to the growing needs in getting distance education, as well as recommendations of MES "On organization of education in secondary schools for persons residing in the temporarily occupied territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Sevastopol and in the area of anti-terrorist operation in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions Letter MES 1 / 9-535 of 10.14.14”, the charitable foundation "Wonderland" with the scientific support of the Institute of Information Technologies and learning Tools of NAES of Ukraine is launching Resource Centre for Distance Education (RTSDO) as research exploitation.

Online resource centerhttp://rcde.com.ua/provides students and teachers the opportunity to complete the registration form and participate in training. First of all, the opportunity to get distance learning free will be given to motivated students who are officially enrolled in the external forms and teachers who understand the need for mastery of distance learning technologies, and to obtain practical skills of distance learning tutor. While the training it is used the method of mixed (hybrid) learning where learning is combined with the ability to communicate with the tutor and other students in distance. We teach according to the curriculum of external forms of institution, where the student is officially enrolled. The proposed training can be combined (for teachers) with the training in the regional institutes of postgraduate education.

Publications of the Department:till 2014 .,since 2015 .

Leading department reserachers are included to the organizing and program committees of the annual International scientific conference «MoodleMoot Ukraine. Theory and practice of learning management system Moodle usage»(Kyiv) and scientific-practical conference" Multimedia technologies in education and other areas "(Kyiv)

Honors and awards

  • Medal "Human factor" of the International Academy of Psychological Sciences on scientific achievements (O. Burov, 2008)
  • First-degree diploma of NAES of Ukraine in the contest for the best scientific development (Pinchuk O.P., 2010)
  • Honorary Diploma of the Supreme Council of Ukraine (O. Burov, 2011)
  • Honorary Diploma of the exhibition-presentation "Innovation in modern education" for active participation in developing and implementing of educational innovations (Bohachkov Yu., Wuhan P., Konevschynska O., Pinchuk O., 2011)
  • Thanks of Ministry of National Education of Poland, the Center for the Development of Education in Poland for the organization of session "Examples of good practice in gifted education - selected aspects" at the International Conference "System strategies in teaching gifted students - the path to the future of education" (O. Burov, 2012)
  • Honorary Diploma of NAES of Ukraine for fruitful scientific and educational activities, contribution to the development of science (O. Burov, 2013)
  • Diploma of NAES of Ukraine for considerable personal contribution to the development and implementation of distance learning technologies in CEI of Ukraine (Bohachkov Yu., Konevschynska O., Pinchuk O., 2014).
  • Diploma of the second degree of NAES of Ukraine in the contest for the best scientific work in the category "Best monograph" (Bohachkov Yu., Bykov V., Pinchuk O., Burov O., Konevschynska O., 2015 )