Assistance to authors of scientific publications

Dear colleagues!

Our institute is the founder and co-founder of several scientific and scientific and methodical issues. Deeply understanding the problems of domestic scientists to publish the results of their research in high-ranking journals, creating and using scientific profiles of scientists and institutions in various scientometric databases, we have compiled a list of reference.

Assistance for writing and design of scientific articles, recommendations for authors, instructions and requirements for articles are posted on the website of our journal "Information Technology and Learning Tools" ( You can also get acquainted with the review procedure, journal policy and ethics of our journal.

We recommend you read the publication is a licensed by  "The Fundamental Values of Academic Integrity" (in English) from the International Center for Academic Integrity under Creative Commons: Attribution- NonCommercial - ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC -SA 4.0).

You can also raise your awareness of preparing scientific publications at Clarivate Analytics in Ukrainian seminars and Elsevier Ukraine

We wish you success in your scientific work!