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General methodical scientific department of open education and scientific information systems

on the establishment of e-libraries and Open Access Systems, formation, organization, support and use of electronic scientific and educational resources for information provision of psycho-pedagogy and educational practices of automated systems distributed information resources in space that are integrated in the global electronic resource space. The department was established at the Institute for Digitalisation of Education of the National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine (the Institute of Information Technologies and Learning Tools of the NAES Ukraine) in 2009. Department staff developed a model of a typical digital e-library of institution as part of a network of digital libraries NAES Ukraine; created the concept and prototype software system e-library NAES Ukraine using the system EPrints (http://lib.iitta.gov.ua); grounded organizational and pedagogical preconditions for introducing electronic libraries network of institutions NAES Ukraine; developed guidelines for use of EPrints in scientific work and training program for librarians and researchers for using e-library.

A number of seminars, trainings and consultations provided for managers and researchers for the creation and use of the network electronic libraries of institutions NAES Ukraine. Being monitored the using resources of network digital libraries using the service Google Analytics and statistics module Electronic Library NAES Ukraine.

Raising the professional level: in 2009 defended PhD thesis Svyetlorusova A.V.

During the period of the department conducted a series of research works by sectoral topics. 

Publications of the Department: till 2014since 2015

In order to disseminate research results, staff department regularly participate in organizing and conducting scientific events national and international levels, including Scientific-practical conference "Multimedia technologies in education and other areas" (NAU, Kyiv), the International Scientific practical conference "ICT in Education, science and Technology" (Cherkassy).

Honors and awards:

  • At the IV International exhibition "Modern educational establishments - 2013" in nomination "Creation and implementation of electronic teaching systems, rating systems, equipment, products, applications and solutions for the education system", held February 28-March 2, 2013 at the Exhibition Center "Kyiv Expo Plaza" - library NAES of Ukraine won the Gold medal.
  • Title Winner of National Competition "Outstanding scientific achievements" received development “Website Electronic Library NAES Ukraine http://lib.iitta.gov.ua” in the category "Electronic educational resources" at the V Exhibition-presentation "Innovation in modern education" 22 -24 October 2013, held at the exhibition center "Kyiv Expo Plaza".