Department of Cloud-Oriented Systems of Education Informatization was organized within the structure of the Institute for Digitalisation of Education of the National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine (the Institute of Information Technologies and Learning Tools of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine) in 2015 at the base of former Department of Educational Institutions Informatization that existed during the 2001-2014.

The main task of the Department is to carry out fundamental and applied researches aimed at solving the current theoretical and methodological problems of development, implementation and use of cloud-oriented tools and technologies in educational institutions.

Within the planned research projects the cooperation among the Department and a number of Ukrainian universities and research institutions is established. In particular, Kherson State University, Kryvyi Rih National University, V. Hnatiuk Ternopil National Pedagogical University and the Department have organized joint research laboratories.

In order to disseminate research results, the Department’s staff annually takes part in the organization and conduct of scientific activities on national and international levels. Leading scientists of the Department are members of the review and organizing committees of International Conference on ICT in Education, Research, and Industrial Applications (ICTERI, Kherson, Ukraine), International Scientific and Practical Conference «MoodleMootUkraine» (Kyiv, Ukraine), International Scientific and Methodical Seminar Cloud Technologies in Education (remote event).

Each year, the department organizes and conducts training sessions for researchers, higher school and secondary school teachers, and postgraduate students on the use of cloud services in a professional, educational and research activities (training plan for 2016).


During the 2001-2015 the Department conducteda series of research workson an appropriate subject.

Together with Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine it was fulfilled a research work Models of harmonization of modern network tools for organization and informational and technological supporting of the processes of students learning and research activities (2011).

Within the cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine the following projects were launched:

  • regional pedagogical experiment “Computer-oriented system of electronic educational resources quality management in secondary schools”, 2013-2016 (according to order of Kherson Regional State Administration 504, 10.24.2013), which aims to identification and experimental verification of didactic requirements and methods of evaluating the quality of electronic educational resources in pilot secondary schools;
  • national project Smart Kids, 2014-2017 (according to order of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine 564, 05.08.2014), which aims to create conditions for the use of new information and communication technologies and electronic educational resources in primary school;
  • national project Cloud Services in Education, 2014-2017 (according to order of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine 629, 05.21.2014), which aims at the development, justification, experimental verification of the model of using cloud-based learning environment in secondary educational institution.

Publications of the Department: till 2014, since 2015.

Honors and awards:

  • Award Excellence in capital education (Litvinova S., 2008).
  • Medal Labor Glory (Litvinova S., 2012).
  • Honorary Diploma of the exhibition-presentation Innovation in Modern Education" for fruitful work on educational innovations introduction (Shyshkina M., Nosenko Y., 2012).
  • Honorary Diploma of the exhibition Modern Education in Ukraine (Shyshkina M., 2012) for fruitful scientific and educational activities in innovative modernization of education.
  • Diploma of NAES of Ukraine for contribution to the development of science and education, fruitful scientific and pedagogical activity, high professionalism, hard work (Nosenko Y., 2014).
  • Diploma of NAES of Ukraine for contribution to the study and implementation of innovative information technology and learning tools in education (Shyshkina M., Nosenko Y., 2014).
  • Diploma of the third degree of the annual academic competition of the National Academy of Educational Siencies of Ukraine for the monograph "Modeling and integration of cloud-based learning environment services" (Lytvinova S.G, Nosenko Y.G, Shyshkina M.P, 2016).
  • Scholarship of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine for young scientists (Shyshkina M. (2001-2002), Nosenko Y. (2012-2013), Marienko M. (2018-2020)).
  • Prize of the President of Ukraine for young scientists 2019 ( Marienko M.)
  • Prize of the President of Ukraine for young scientists 2017 ( Striuk A.)
  • Award "People's recognitionfor ukrainian scientists 1918-2018", in honor of the 100th anniversary of the NAS of Ukraine (Shyshkina, 2019).