Scientific Departments


Department of Cloud-Oriented Systems of Education Informatization

Head of the DepartmantMariya P. Shyshkina
DrS (in Education), Senior Researcher
Tel. +38(044) 453-96-73


Department of Technologies of Open Learning Environment

Head of the DepartmentYuliya G. Nosenko
PhD (in Education), Senior Researcher
Tel.+38 (044) 453-96-73


Department of open education and scientific information systems

Head of the Department Svitlana M. Ivanova
PhD (in Pedagogics),Senior Researcher
Tel. +38(044)440-60-24


Department of network technologies and databases

Head of the DepartmentMykola A. Shynenko


Comparative Studies Department for Information and Education Innovations

Head of the Department Oksana V. Ovcharuk
DrS (in Education), Senior Researcher

Tel. +38(044)440-96-27


Department of Digital Transformation of the NAES of Ukraine

Head of the Department Liliia A. Luparenko
PhD (in Pedagogics),Senior Researcher
.+38 (097) 704-82-12