Scientific Researches

Scientific Research Subject of the Institute for Digitalisation of Education of the National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine (the Institute of Information Technologies and Learning Tools of the NAES of Ukraine) aimed at developing basic and applied research on the creation and use of modern means of education and information technology in education.

Research carried out in the direction 8: Educational Environment. Informatization of education. Character of Studies - complex, their implementation involved the staff of various scientific level. For each researcher formulated specific tasks defined forms and amounts of expected research results at the end of the year and at the end of the topic.

Among the theoretical and methodological issues, special attention was paid to the development of new approaches to the development, production and implementation in the educational process of modern educational and training activities, solving complex scientific problems related to the development of traditional, computer-oriented, information and communication facilities and systems of education, definition of educational opportunities, methodic of complex techniques used in the educational process.

The main efforts of the Institute aimed at solving problems to create learning environment in secondary schools, adequate state of technological development of society, in particular the development of information and communication technologies (ICT) implementation of ICT-based distance learning system to enhance the professional skills of educators.


2024-2025Designing web-oriented automated information systems for the formation and development of the domestic conceptual and terminological apparatus of pedagogy and psychology

2024-2025The system of using immersive technologies by teachers in the process of blended learning in general secondary education Institutions

2024-2025Designing and using an open educational environment with elements of artificial intelligence for the professional development of teaching staff

2024-2025Development of digital competence of scientific and scientific-pedagogical workers by means of open educational and scientific information systems

2023-2025Methodology of monitoring studies of the effectiveness of the information and digital environment of general secondary education institutions in the context of the European integration of Ukraine


2021-2023The methodology of the use of information and digital technologies to assess the effectiveness of pedagogical research

2021-2023Methodology of using cloud-oriented systems of open science in educational institutions

2021-2023Designing the learning environment using augmented and virtual reality tools in general secondary education institutions

2021-2023Designing and technological support of the open Web-based platform "Ukrainian electronic encyclopedia of education"

2020-2022 Development of the informational and digital learning environment of Ukrainian school

January - December 2022Criteria and indicators for evaluating the quality of educational digital content with augmented reality

2018-2020System of computer modeling of cognitive tasks for the formation of competencies of students in natural and mathematical subjects

2018-2020The Methodology of the Open Electronic Educational and Science Systems Use for the Scientific and Pedagogical Professionals' Informational and Research Competence Development

2018-2020 Adaptive cloud-based system of training and professional development of teachers of secondary schools

2017-2019 The development of teachers' information and communication competence under conditions of cloud-based learning environment

2015-2017Formation of information and educational environment for learning high school students through technology electronic social networks

2015-2017The system of information and analytical support educational research based on electronic systems Open Access

2015-2017Methodology of the cloud-based learning and research environment formation in the pedagogical educational institution

2015-2017Methodology of pedagogical designing of computer-based environment teaching subjects of natural-mathematical cycle in high school

2014-2016Assessment information and communication competence of subjects of educational process of general secondary education in the integration of Ukraine into the European educational space

2012-2014The system of scientific and organizational and technological support for development of the network of electronic libraries of institutions NAPS Ukraine

2012-2014Informatization methodology of scientific and management activities of institutions NAPS Ukraine based on web-technologies

2012-2014System of psychological and pedagogical requirements to ICT tools for educational purposes

2012-2014Modernization of school educational experiment based on Internet-based educational technology

2012-2014Methodology of design network resource centers of distance education of secondary schools

2011-2013The formation of ICT competencies of students in the context of European integration processes in education

2009-2011Scientific methods and organizational framework for evaluating the quality of educational software for educational purposes

2009-2011Scientific and methodological foundations use of computer oriented tools in teaching natural and mathematical subjects in profile school

2009-2011Scientific and organizational principles of the functioning of a common information space libraries and scientific institutions of National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine

2009-2011Scientific and methodological principles of organization of distance learning environment in secondary schools

2008-2010ICT learning in the system of secondary education abroad

2006-2008Methods of use of multimedia systems as interactive learning tools

2006-2008Scientific and methodical bases of creation ICT-based Tools of Unite Information Space of Educational System of Ukraine

2006-2008Methods of use of computer oriented learning tools in physics at pilot secondary schools

2006-2008Scientific and methodical bases of Internet-oriented automated collection systems, storage and processing of results of educational activity of pupils of secondary schools

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2003-2005Scientific and methodological foundations of designing of computer-based learning environment pilot secondary schools

2003-2005Theory and methods of use of computer-oriented learning tools and global computer networks in education

2003-2005Scientific and methodological support student achievement assessment process in pilot secondary schools

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2000-2002Didactical basis of formation of computer-oriented learning environment

Studies carried out in order:

2009-2010State Program "Information and communication technologies in education and science" for 2006-2010. Conducted research "System ICT competencies of students, teachers and principals of secondary schools to ensure regulatory and standardization of distance learning"

2009-2011jointly with Microsoft conducted research "Localization, configuration and administration of portal "Network Partners in Learning''

2011jointly with the scientific center "Small Academy of Sciences" conducted research "Models harmonization modern network organization tools and information technology supporting the processes of teaching and research of students-members"