Digital Humanities Workshop (DHW)

Digital Humanities Workshop (DHW)

On December 23, 2021, the Digital Humanities Workshop (DHW 2021) was held at Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University, Ukraine. Digital Humanities Workshop (DHW) is a peer-reviewed international workshop focusing on applications of digital technologies to the study of the humanities with the recognition that the printed word is no longer the main medium for knowledge production and distribution. Researchers of the Institute of Information Technologies and Learning Tools of the NAES of Ukraine took part and presented results of their issues: O. Ovcharuk, S. Ivanova, I. Mintii, I. Ivaniuk, O. Hrytenchuk, L. Luparenko. The workshop was conducted online using an electronic service Google Meet.

Анонси та оголошення

The Institute for Digitalisation of Education of the National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine invites to postgraduate and doctoral studies.

Training of doctors of philosophy and doctors of sciences is carried out in the field of knowledge "01 Education / Pedagogy", in the specialty "011 Educational, Pedagogical Sciences", specialization "Information and Communication Technologies in Education".

Post-proceedings Advances in Educational Technology

At peaceful times, we planned to publish the best papers from the VIII Internation Conference on Digital Education at Environmental Universities organized by the National University of Life and Environment Sciences of Ukraine (Kyiv, Ukraine) and the Wroclaw University of Environmental Sciences and Life (Wroclaw, Poland) in the Post-proceedings volume of the 2nd Myroslav I. Zhaldak Symposium on Advances in Educational Technology (AET 2021 - Due to the war in Ukraine, this conference is postponed. Despite this, the paper submission is open.