Tasks and Fields of Activity

  • exercise of theoretical and experimental studies on creating and use means of training and ICT in the educational process of all types of education establishments;
  • development of technical conditions, pedagogical standards, certification of learning methods means, devices, equipment and facilities, information and technology of education communications;
  • engineering and pedagogical design of support system of the educational information environment of Ukraine, including virtual systems of distance learning education;
  • coordination of scientific, designing manufacturing activity and its’ use for creating ICT means for training;
  • preparation of higher qualification staff through post-graduate doctoral training and post-graduate studies of scientists and educators on ICT;
  • organization and conducting research and scientific conferences, seminars, symposiums, preparation of scientific-methodological research and electronic publications, etc.

Main directions:

  • scientific research:

development of scientific problems and experimental studies on the creation, development and application in the educational process in educational institutions at all levels and accreditation of new learning tools; information technology training, computer software for educational purposes, Internet websites, Internet portals, computer-oriented teaching methods, tools and other electronic resources on various subjects; Internet-oriented databases and data banks of scientific and educational information; automated systems for creation and maintaining up to date and safe condition of electronic educational resources and academic uniform information educational environment; of electronic distance learning tools of remote audio and video telecommunications, multimedia and interactive computer training facilities of display and presentation of computer data; automated modeling, expert and virtual training systems; new architectures and standard educational computer systems and kits, composition and structure of the system-wide and application software and hardware, computer-oriented teaching facilities for natural and mathematical sciences and humanities; computer-based learning environment, including open education systems of electronic and distance learning; automated test systems evaluating the impact of new learning tools and ICT; automated systems research.

  • scientific-experimental:

creation of a network of research centers, experimental sites, pilot schools on the issues of the Institute; organization and implementation of large-scale experiments in teaching computer network pilot schools working on the latest teaching tools, ICT and methods of their application in educational practice, e-learning and distance learning education.

  • design and technology:

study conditions, standards, scientific and methodological support application and certification of learning sets and systems and support of their industrial production; development of scientifically based standards equipping schools of Ukraine at all levels accreditation and technical facilities in various disciplines, software and computer hardware training complexes.

  • scientific coordination:

coordination of research, design and production of educational institutions, research institutions and industrial enterprises on the creation and use in educational practice new learning tools and ICT.

  • scientific and education:

study, generalization and dissemination of advanced domestic and foreign experience on the subject of the Institute; assisting educational institutions, scientific institutions and industrial companies on implementation in the educational process a new generation of ICT, e-learning and distance learning education; training of qualified scientists - candidates and doctors through doctoral and graduate; training and training of scientific and pedagogical staff of the areas that are studied in the Institute.

  • international:

cooperation with universities, research institutions and foreign industrial companies that explore and resolve related problems; joint research, joint programs and projects.